With more than 60 years in the telecommunication industry, we can ensure to provide to our customers solutions according to their needs in broadcasting and transmission systems at an affordable price. Moreover, we manufacture all of our broadcast products and RF components with high-quality standards. We tested them at each step, from the moment you ordered to after being sold and installed by our customers. Also, we offer a 5-year warranty to all our clients.

Some of Codiyasca USA broadcast products are:

FM Broadcast systems: We have the right products that you are looking for ensuring your FM radio station transmission. Like FM antennas including broadband broadcast antennas, power dividers from 10 W to 50 KW with equal and unequal distribution, combiners.

TV Broadcast systems: This line aims to improve your broadcast television system. Here you can find panel antennas designed for horizontal or vertical polarized TV transmitting systems, tv power dividers, and TV combiners.

Looking to improving your Transmission system. Please look at our RF products in components and accessories

RF Components and Accessories: We offer an extensive range of RF components in UHF, VHF, Microwave, Trunking, among others frequencies. Such as Antennas, duplexers, splitters, combiners. In addition, we manufacture EIA flange connectors, waveguide transitions, and all type of brass parts