Our Company

We characterize ourselves as a company specialized in mobile telecommunications and related research projects, focused on technological applications in mobile and industrial telecommunication areas. Therefore we provide our customers with a personalized and comprehensive service, from simple consultation to complex technical projects for their needs. Likewise, we design & manufacture telecommunication equipment and project development if it needs. As a result, we giving effective solutions in time to all customer requirements.



Provide the right solutions for your telecommunication needs at competitive prices and high-quality products.



To Establish Codiyasca Usa Inc as a multinational, strong, and competitive company focused on the innovation of integral telecommunications systems.


We have an extensive experience in product supply, we also do innovation in telecommunication's projects, from the technological advances required for a basic equipment to the whole system implementation, such as BDA's installations systems, mobile telecommunication, data transmission, TV & FM broadcast, UHF, VHF, Trunking and Microwave systems. This includes design, development, and manufacturing of EIA flange connectors, BDAs, Antennas, Duplexers, Power dividers for UHF, VHF, GSM, TV&FM broadcast frequency, and calibration services as well. Moreover, we do re-engineering, repairing services on pressurization line systems equipment among other things.


Telephone companies. 

TV network, Fm radio stations.

Companies and subcontractors companies that provide telecommunications maintenance and installation services.